Having the local community’s support, is very important to Rosa. Here are just a few Windsor Voters testimonials.

Thank you for all you do for the community. I knew back then that you would become a “Leader of Tomorrow”.

Roberto Ramirez – Windsor Resident and Member of Latino Unidos. Rosa’s High School math teacher.

We are so lucky to have you watching out and caring for the citizens of Windsor.  I am surprised that more people aren’t willing to step up and contribute more actively to maintaining this wonderful, treasured community.  You are always going above and beyond. We appreciate that so much.

Catherine Adams – Windsor Resident and Member of the Heart of Windsor Alliance. 

“I first met Rosa many years ago when we were the only 2 people in attendance at the town council meeting. We started sitting together at the meetings, and she finally said ” I don’t think they hear us, I don’t think they are listening to us, I think I can do better”. And she did and she has and she is now on that very council. Rosa is listening, hearing and representing us! Me and you, and all of us. Rosa Reynoza has earned my vote for Mayor of Windsor.”

Betsy Mallace – 15 year Windsor Resident and regular Town Council meeting attendee.

I have known Rosa Reynoza for over five years, from her involvement in numerous formal and informal community endeavors, many of which she initiated.  I have learned that her efforts to contribute to our community are driven by an authentic concern for the well-being of others. When needs arise in the Windsor community, the chances are that Rosa is already involved, without consideration for personal gain or notoriety. I support Rosa Reynoza for Mayor of Windsor and trust that she will work for the benefit of all of Windsor.

Bob Cobb, IL-LCSW; Member, Windsor Wellness Partnership; Member, NASW-Sonoma; Member, Sonoma County Mental Health Board.

Windsor needs a mayor who understands the needs of working families and seniors.

Steve Gerstle, Windsor resident and retired librarian

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