Rosa Reynoza for Mayor 2022

About Rosa

As a mother of three children I continue to be inspired to make a difference in OUR community. I was taught the importance of giving back at a very young age and strive to instill this value in my kids as well.  My journey to become your Councilperson was long, but well worth it.

I love knowing that my first job at 16 was here in Windsor and that my two oldest children also had the opportunity to work in town during their high school years. I attended Windsor public schools and still enjoy seeing many childhood friends in the community.

I will continue to strengthen our Town’s transparency and encourage more community engagement. I am proud of my connection with the residents of Windsor and feel they trust that I am here to work for them. 

Growth is inevitable in our beautiful town, but we need to focus on insuring our infrastructure is adequate for such growth. I want to protect our open space and maintain our urban growth boundaries.  We need to make sure our schools, fire and infrastructures are strong before we grow in population, not after.

My commitment to you continues to strengthen. Our journey together is not over. I humbly ask for your support in the way of your vote. Let’s come together to show that we want a stronger community for all. If you agree, please honor me with your vote.

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